Speaks Their Mind

Since it is an election year, we are constantly being forced to stare at people who are trying to passive-aggressively (some more than others) explain why they should be the next President of The United States. I’ve noticed a few things during all of this. First of all, why is there such an aggressive amount of people running for the Republican candidacy? Haven’t they ever heard of too many cooks in the kitchen?

Another thing I have noticed is how much harder the female candidates have it than the male candidates. Now, before you light your computer on fire and throw it out of the window with rage hear me out. Donald Trump is currently leading the polls as the GOP candidate (somehow). When asked why those who support him do so they claim to like the way he speaks his mind and does not hold back. I have also heard Trump supporters state that they respect his aggressive attitude and the fact that he is a businessman.

While all of these things about Trump that people like may be true, would we still hold the same amount of respect towards those characteristics if we were referring to a woman? If Hillary Clinton were to stand behind a podium and say the first thing that came to her mind would she have the same amount of supporters as she does now?

Let’s flip all of this. Let’s say that Hillary Clinton takes the opposite approach and does not speak up, waits until every other person has had a chance to speak at debates, and is passive. Would she still have the same amount of supporters as she does now?

The simple answer is: no. Hillary Clinton has to constantly walk the tightrope of what we deem appropriate for men and women. The job she is seeking requires authority and respect; which for us means being assertive and powerful. Is there really an easy way for a woman to gain respect from many people, especially those who tend to support traditional gender roles in our society without appearing too aggressive (aka: a bitch) or too passive (aka: “typical” woman)?

I think in order to see more change in terms of who gains positions of power in our country we are going to have to start changing the way we view ourselves. By this I mean allowing gender roles to be fluid. We are going to have to start allowing our children to play with toys not traditionally created for them if they wish to. We are going to have to teach our girls not to limit themselves from achieving goals that they want to achieve for fear of ridicule. We are going to have to omit terms like “sissy”, “bitch”, and “fag” from our vocabulary. We have to teach our boys and men to respect women and to understand consent.

Most of all we are going to have to stop saying men and women are equal and just fucking show that they are politically, socially, and economically equal. If a woman wants to become President or a man wants to be a stay-at-home dad no one should get in their way.


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