A trending topic as of recent has been the lack of diversity in the Academy Awards. We have people pulling from every direction telling us what and how to feel. One side claims people of color are not nominated because of their skin and the other states that the movies that are nominated are more worthy of it and their skin color is just a coincidence.

What if I told you that they are both wrong? Hear me out. The truth of the matter is, people of color are and always have been purposefully denied larger parts in movies and television shows. White people (usually men) overwhelmingly have control over the production, direction, writing, and casting of their films. They are simply failing to allow diversity on their set.

Actively excluding groups of people from attaining a position they are qualified for is prejudice. It is racist. It is sexist. It is homophobic. I think rather than boycotting the Oscar’s due to the lack of nomination of diverse peoples, we should be petitioning for inclusion of said people in film and television. Women, men, and children of every race, ethnicity, religion, and sexuality should have the same chance at getting a role as the Leonardo DiCaprio’s and Matt Damon’s.

The year is 2016. Our first black President is ending his second term in office, same-sex marriage is legal, equal pay is on candidate’s campaigns, and we could very well see our first female President at the beginning of next year. It’s time for our politically-progressive actions to reflect in our media.


2 thoughts on “Diversity

  1. This definitely aligns with my thought-process on the Academy, so I’m glad to see I’m not totally alone. Some are suggesting that it’s the studios themselves not greenlighting movies with leading character who are not white, but if the characters aren’t a specific race then I hope there is options and considerations to hire actors of all races. I think Matt Damon’s character in The Martian could have been played by an actor of any race, provided he was equally if not more talented and right for the role. However, I do hope that the increase of diversity is because it is deserved – I don’t want to see, say, Jet Li playing the lead in The Revenant simply because he’s Asian – if he’s convincing enough an actor to pull off the role, then we can start talking.


    1. I’ve never personally seen The Martian. I’ve heard positive things about it, but then again they are usually from the same people who are nominating these films. I wholeheartedly agree that there are probably better options than Jet Li playing the lead in The Revenant. Although, it might bring about comedic value.


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