Adele Loves The Jamba Juice

Yesterday’s episode of Ellen was one for the books. British singer and actual perfection of a human being, Adele made an appearance. In fact, Ellen and Adele teamed up to prank a few unsuspecting Jamba Juice employees and it was glorious. With mic in ear, Adele did what was instructed by Ellen throughout the entire interaction with the workers.

The prank began by a woman pretending to be Adele’s assistant entering the store and telling the employees to treat Adele like a regular customer. Little Adele just wants to hang, guys. Adele enters the store soon after and amazing things happen. She starts by asking strange requests in regards to cup sizes and ends by eating wheat grass she cut herself from behind the counter.

It’s glorious.

Couple-ah things here:

1. Dude behind the counter-stop being a buzzkill. You work at Jamba Juice not for Wall Street.
2. If Adele wants amaretto in her smoothie you have virtually one response and it’s ‘Sure’. Shoot, ‘How much?’ is also an acceptable response.
3. Clearly that wheat grass needed a trim.
4. Knives and Twizzlers are an appropriate form of currency.
5. You’re welcome Jamba Juice.


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