B.o.B. (Boy, oh, Boy)

Growing up, I loved going to school. Not many things were more rewarding than going to class as a seven or eight year old and coming home with new things you learned that day to share with your parents. I’ll be honest, science was never really my strong suit. I basically just memorized random facts that were thrown in my direction in order to not fail. It worked- whatever.

There is however one thing that I will never forget from that class-the shape of the planet we live on. My teacher basically said, “Hey girl. We live on Earth. Earth is round. See this picture of this bunch of jackasses from back in the day? Don’t be like them. Just keep it real.” Alright well maybe that’s not exactly what she said, but I can dream.

Everyone who is an adult in society goes about their daily lives knowing the shape of the Earth. I promise you not a single person stops what they’re doing at any given point to recall that. No one is like paying for noodles and Vaseline at the check-out line and just freezes with a blank picture of what Earth looks like. Things were going great…like we were doing so well…until about 24 hours ago when rapper B.o.B. ruined it.


He has since posted somewhere between 30 and 40 pictures on his Twitter account asking people to prove his theory wrong. These pictures range from compasses and ancient philosophers to a stuffed sheep watching television. Regardless of numerous people attempting to explain how to human again, he is still insistent upon the planet being flat.

Perhaps he just missed class that day. I don’t know his life. But I find it truly ironic that one of his biggest hits involves space and shooting stars. I think we could all use a wish right now, wish right now, wish right now. Someone should really go check on him, though. There’s a good chance he’s still standing on that mountain.


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