Ben Carson And Fruit Salad

Remember metaphors? Great, because Ben Carson doesn’t. Dr. Carson, we understand that you struggle to keep your eyes open and recognize that there is a strong possibility you could not see the board that day in second grade. We also understand that you kind of just bat your face against the wind because you’re essentially a dog in someone’s car, but try and keep up.

When asked about Supreme Court nominations he responded with, “…The fruit salad of their life is what I would look at.”


Oh, Ben you silly whimsical praying mantis. That made no sense… like at all. No, no, no… WE understand that YOU thought that made sense. Even Stevie Wonder can see how terrible that was. Hey, at least you made it to the stage this time.

So there’s that.

Just take comfort in the fact that only every single person in the United States was watching and also now despises fruit salad for no reason. What did fruit salad ever do to you, Ben?!


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