California Family Unicorn

A family in Madera County, California fell victim to a loved one running away this past week. And yes, this IS different than the time your grandfather got lose after he thought the post office down the street was a Denny’s diner. We know the workers there were nice and offered him coffee, but that only really solidified his belief. Thanks a lot, post man PHIL!

Anyways, the family briefly lost track of their beloved pony named Juliet. Sandra Boos, a photographer, utilizes the horse for photo shoots from time to time. The photo shoots generally consist of little girls dressing up as princesses and posing with the horse…whom Sandra dresses up as a unicorn. Just go ahead and add this to the list of embarrassing things white people do.

Juliet said enough is enough and made a run for it when Sandra was busy taking pictures of a group of children (there really isn’t a safer way to word that, I tried). Ol’ girl (and I still mean the horse here) threw up her head and escaped.


Police tried for almost four hours to capture horse/unicorn. They brought out all the stops including cars, a foot chase, and a tracking helicopter. Juliet was not responsive to any of it because had better things to do than deal with their sass. It took a family friend of the Boos to ride up on a separate horse to catch Juliet’s attention. After she decided she was ready, she followed the horse back to her pen and acted as if nothing ever happened like the independent woman she is.

Can you imagine being an outsider and watching all of this go down?
“Ma. Is that a unicorn?”
“Yes, son. And those are grown men chasing it down the street.”
“What’s that sound, Ma?”
“Looks like a different horse coming in to show these fellas how it’s done.”
“You were adopted.”


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