Chingy Loves Him Some Trump

Okay, let’s pretend for a second. Let’s jump back in time to the year 2003. Lance Armstrong was still relevant, Saddam Hussein was just captured, Hurricane Isabelle struck, people still wore black tattoo stretch chokers, and Chingy (a beloved household name) was at the top of the charts. 2003 was arguably a year of complete nonsense. Do you guys feel it? The warm blanket of awful and embarrassing music that was written, produced, and then sold by Chingy to middle schoolers who did not know how to respect themselves? Because I certainly do.


Maybe I’m being a little too hard on the guy. I mean, after all, he is known for having such an eclectic taste in music. His extensive musical accomplishments include “Right Thurr”, “Holidae Inn”, and…yyyyyeah. After his songs were old news to the same kids leaning back with Fat Joe, Chingy was gone. Dude said, “bye y’all”.

Now it is the year 2016. Same-sex marriage was made legal not too long ago, the first black President of The United States is ending his second-term in office, Adele is at the top of the charts, and most importantly people stopped wearing bright blue lip gloss. It is an election year and things are really heating up between the candidates before the primaries.

So naturally, here comes Chingy. This time he said, “Hey ya’ll. Remember me? Vote Trump!” He took to Twitter to announce his support of Donald Trump this election due to his respect toward him as a businessman:

@ChingyJackpot: “Politics vs Society. People should innserstand that politics is a business jus like the job you work at. I vote for @realDonaldTrump ‘YEP’ 3”

He tried- I think? Obvious spelling errors and possible numerical seizure toward the end of his tweet aside, there are many issues at hand. Openly supporting a candidate that is actively working against those in your community isn’t a great look. That’s the equivalent of being a same-sex loving person and donating money to the Westboro Baptist Church. That’s the equivalent of a burglar knocking on someone’s door and asking permission to take their stuff. That’s the equivalent of some obnoxious child throwing their vanilla ice cream cone with sprinkles on the ground because they really, really, really, love ice cream. Get it?

There are certain things that should come chill with the rest of us cool kids in 2016, but I promise you it’s not skorts, JNCO jeans (for the love of God), and Chingy’s political expertise. If I ever feel the need to be embraced in that warm blanket ever again I’ll just youtube it or get some of his fresh lyrics tattooed on my torso:
“Ya that’s me, Ching-a-ling equipped wit much ding-a-ling. Knock on the door I’m on the scene of things.”


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