Coachella H&M Clothing Collection

It’s mid-February which means Coachella season is fast approaching. Bring on the overpriced tickets (only 400-900 bucks a pop), bands you’ve never heard of, too many people, and a lot of aggressive smells. Why would you pay that much money when you can be a warrior like me and experience sexual harassment for free? The last time I paid that much money for something like that I somehow wound up with even less self-respect and a lip piercing… because I’m a princess.

H&M recently announced their collaboration with Coachella for a music festival-specific clothing line. The line has debuted a bit on social media this week, but is expected to appear in stores March 24th. After a lot of success with last year’s line, H&M decided to branch out this year and include a bit more variety for customers.

We have so much to look forward to. Ladies! We now have what are described as “folksy” blouses, floppy hats, and a violent amount of fringe to choose from. Fellas! I’m excited to say that they really went above and beyond for you all. They chose the unique route and created graphic T-shirts and mismatched shirts (WHHHHHHAAAAT?!). As if the guys there need more encouragement to look as though they rolled out of a dumpster behind a vegan diner.


The clothing company has stated that they will also have a booth at the music festival for people to buy their products from as well. I feel bad for the workers of that booth (aka: the real heroes of Coachella). Not only do they have to deal with people being rude because it’s retail, but those same people are also going to smell the way Bill Cosby looks.


But in all seriousness, I love H&M. I don’t blame them for wanting to expand their customer base and make their company even more successful. I just think there might be more uplifting ways to do so than submitting themselves to Coachella. Have I been to Coachella? Nope, sure haven’t. I just don’t need to be offered a drink from Bill Cosby to know I don’t want one.


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