Donald #TwoWordTrump

With all of the excitement of Super Tuesday still coursing through our veins, Twitter has sparked another hashtag trend. #TwoWordTrump is the name and doing exactly what the stupid hashtag tells you to do is the game. No, really. You’re supposed to come up with two words that you feel describe this gentle swan:


It all started as a joke, but has gained momentum overnight. Kind of like when your obese aunt tried to move quickly through the living room, stubbed her toe, and then blamed it on you because she hates you so much.


Being the kind hearted individual I am, I decided to go ahead and brainstorm some of my own:
Human Scarecrow
Actually Cher
Wrinkled Slacks
Half Parakeet
Should’ve Aborted
Violently Orange
American Vandersloot

Okay, so that was unexpectedly entertaining. Feel free to use mine, unless you disagree of course. In which case, please dispose of yourself from my life. Also, please feel free to share your own #TwoWordTrump ideas in the comment section below!


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