Lil’ Kim Photoshop Debate

We’re all busy, right? We have work, we have families, we have hobbies, and we have friends. We all have things to do and people to see. Now for some reason, the little free time we have has been dedicated to making fun of Lil’ Kim. And when I say Lil’ Kim I don’t mean her music, her personality, or her character. We have taken to Twitter to focus solely on the way she looks.

Who has enough time in their day between telling their dumb kid to maybe not eat that glue and giving someone the finger at the gas station who stole that pump you were clearly driving into first to stop and go…Lil’ Kim. Needsta go.

Let me preface this by saying, yes, it is obvious that she has had some plastic surgery done. That is no secret. Does it look “well”, no- probably could have made some different choices there, but leave this poor woman alone. Ol’ gal hasn’t had a major radio hit since the mid 2000’s. Let’s all just allow her to cope with that.

(Still legit, btw)

Don’t get me wrong…there are some clever sons of bitches out there with some comparisons that may or may not be hilariously accurate:

All I’m saying is if we’re so concerned with the way a musical artist looks then maybe we should also focus our attention to who plays lead roles in movies (yanno, the things we actually stare at on large screens) and why they’re allowed to look like this:





What is happening? It’s like the clothing section at Walmart and Golden Corral personified. I can almost taste their chest hair. Whomever was in charge of casting must have been a firm believer in the saying Less is More. Anyway, brb…gotta go do a bunch of sit ups, stare at a salad for 30 minutes and pretend I’m full.


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