Puddle Of Mudd Before Water Is Just Dirt

What were you guys doing on Saturday? If you’re like me you were drinking after work and trying to remember fun. If you were in Marietta, Ohio at the Adelphia Music Hall on the other hand… you were lucky enough to witness lead singer of the classic band Puddle of Mudd experience a break down mid-set. Just in case you need a refresher: Puddle of Mudd is the band whose peak was between the years 2001 and 2007. They can be accredited for coming up with such masterpieces as “Blurry”, “She Hates Me”, and “Drift and Die”. Anyone else find the latter to be ironic? Yes? Good.

Wes Scantlin, lead singer of POM, is no stranger to making awful choices. Within the last three years he’s managed to cop a DUI, DWI, possession of a controlled substance, vandalizing a neighbor’s property, and a domestic violence charge. It is also important to keep in mind that at least two of those charges were given to him in South Dakota. People don’t just GO to South Dakota. If anything, most of their time is spent trying to escape it.

So on January 30 at the Adelphia, Wes stopped the band in the middle of their impressive track “Who Gives a Shit” to accuse an audience member of…wait for it… stealing his house. Yeah. STEALING his HOUSE. I’ve heard of stealing jewelry, money, electronics, and even cars, but an entire HOUSE dude? Call me naïve, maybe I’m just not as hardcore as those Puddle of Mudd-ers, but how intoxicated do you have to be to allow a person to come take where you sleep?

Now, this poses an interesting question: What’s worse than having your house stolen from you? How about actually accusing a literal innocent bystander of taking it. No one is going to wonder where the infamous Wes Scantlin lives and then also think “I NEED TO LIVE THERE.” Get a grip. Now this poor man in the audience is going to have to live with not only their music (I use that term lightly here), but also with Scantlin’s horrifying face engrained into his brain alongside it.

During the accusation, multiple f-bombs were dropped, the other members of the band quit playing and the audience fell silent. Scantlin then grabs his jacket (because he’s climate conscious) and walks off the stage. Concert ends. People go home. People then second guess what they were doing with their lives up until this point.

The music hall was kind enough to offer the audience members a refund as well as free tickets to a future concert of their choice. I think there is an important lesson to be learned here. That lesson is to allow all the bands of similar genre of POM to stay back in time where they belong. I’m looking at you Creed.

Here’s the video and all of its cringe worthiness:


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