Someone Made Chocolate Bunny Replicas of Benedict Cumberbatch And They’re Creepy

Do you celebrate Easter? Not anymore you don’t. You can thank chocolate artist Jen Lindsey-Clark because she just created The Cumberbunny. What’s a Cumberbunny, you ask? Oh, it’s just this horrifying thing right here:


It is half rabbit, half Benedict Cumberbatch, and entirely made of chocolate. It comes complete with a bow tie and edible lustre dust to really add that extra WAT?! It only costs $70 and almost all of your dignity. Clark explained that she plans on sending one to Benedict’s mother, but not one to him. She says, “He might think it’s weird eating his own face.”

Actually Lindsey, that’s the least weird part of this whole thing. Creating a life-sized replica of a man made of 500 chocolate bars, then a year later creating multiple bunny/man hybrids of that same man, and THEN locating his mother’s address to send her some is what’s weird. So to clarify, not what you said, just virtually everything else.


What’s the best case scenario here? Cumberbatch’s mother is not going to be stoked and ready to Peter Cottontail her day away by eating her son. This is what happens when people try to spice up what is arguably one of the least spice able holidays (after Flag Day). Maybe let’s reel it in sometime soon, Linds. Just eat a marshmallow peep like God intended.


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