Worst Answer in Television History

Oh, Family Feud… arguably one of the best television game shows of all time and also a great thing to repeatedly watch while simultaneously wasting an evening of your life. Don’t believe me? Look at this face:

BET  2012  Celebration of Gospel

Like most shows, some episodes are more entertaining than others. For this program in particular that means there are nights when certain families are on top of their game and crush it while other times some are a little slow on the uptake. Fortunately for us, we are about to witness what I believe to be the most intense Family Feud fail of all time.

Here comes Sheila.


She came in ready to fight. This girl was in it to win it. This girl… was Helen Keller in a room full of water pumps. Ol’ Sheila swung and missed… real bad. Like 25 times bad. Okay, let’s give her the benefit of the doubt here. Maybe the question was challenging? Shoot, maybe it was a two-part question? False and also false… by the way, the question was to state another way to say ‘Mother’.

If you enjoy good old fashion cringe-worthy television then you are in for a treat with this one. (P.S. Take notes. Sheila’s sharp.)

SO GOOD, right?! It’s like watching divorce.

It’s alright, Sheil. We all miss the bus sometimes. Next time just make sure you’re not standing at the god forsaken train station. Na-Na!


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