Amy Schumer ‘Explains This Photo’ With Jimmy Fallon

On the most recent episode of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, guest Amy Schumer provided an interview that many people won’t be able to top. For one, she made herself comfortable and sat like a queen. Which for her means lying completely flat in the chair and continuing the interview that way (good call because fuck those chairs).


She and Fallon also briefly discussed her being included on Glamour’s “Plus Size” issue. What did she say, you ask? Bascially just for them to get their shit together and to stop labeling people (insert slow clap here). The interview closed with her praising Jimmy for all of the imaginary charity work he probably did and how she hopes to one day tell people she ran a marathon.

The next segment of the show featured a new game called “Explain This Photo”. How it works is they switched phones and took turns picking out pictures from the other person’s photos that they felt needed an explanation. The game started with Schumer in the Bahamas with a large Pig and ends with Fallon crying in front of a Carl’s Jr. Watch for yourself. You won’t regret it.



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