Remember The Westboro Baptist Church?

Do you? Of course you do. They are pretty hard to forget, but just in case:



They can be found at various appropriate locations such as a funeral for a fallen soldier and a wedding ceremony for a same-sex couple. Not to worry, though. They mostly just sing songs at people and hold up colorful signs (ironic, no?) Their songs can only be described as a nursery rhyme that would have sounded better coming from Helen Keller’s mouth.

Ah, yes. Sometimes you just want to watch the world burn. And other times you just want to remain ignorant to all aspects of society. If you’re a member of The Westboro Baptist Church, you’re always up for both. Congratulations, you’ve somehow managed to live this long without accidentally stepping in front of a train because you felt Jesus calling for you.
(It is also important to keep in mind that these are probably the same people that keep Golden Corral in business, so please feel free to contact them here and thank them).

Well, as luck would have it (for us), right next to their church lies a nonprofit organization, Planting Peace, that aims to advocate for LGBTQ rights, the environment, and safe havens for children. The house is rainbow colored and appropriately named The Equality House, so naturally the WBC loves it.


Enter eight year old Avery. Avery is a trans child whom recently visited The Equality House. She says, “I loved the Rainbow House when it was painted like the transgender flag. I felt so happy and proud to be transgender”. This has since inspired her to open up her own safe haven for trans-peoples right next door to The Equality House. Planting Peace has decided to help Avery with her goal (and to low-key throw shade at the WBC).


Amazingly, The Westboro Baptist Church is beginning to accept the idea of a second colorful home opening up on their street. They have said that they are sorry for things they have said in the past and want to get to know their neighbors. Maybe the world isn’t such a bad place after all.
HA! Just kidding. They fucking hate it.


Wouldn’t that be great though? Suddenly they’d have a change of heart and decide to become besties with them. That would be the best episode of “Unlikely Animal Friends” ever.


Move over wheelchair Chihuahua, there’s only room for one handicapped group on THIS show.


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