18 Dogs Who Ran Out Of F*cks To Give

Ah, Dogs- The beloved members of many families. They’re protective, loving, and always happy to see us when we walk through the door. But, like the rest of us they have days where they just don’t give a shit anymore. And for that, we thank them.

1. This dog who just doesn’t give a f*ck about table etiquette.



2. This pup who isn’t going to take your crap anymore, dog.



3. “For the last time…I refuse to swim, Derrick.”



4. “This goes against everything that I am, but that treat looks good.”



5. This guy.



6. “There can only be one winner of this foot race, Cindy.”



7. This dog who will get there when she gets there.



8. “Shhh….Shhh…”



9. Donuts can just catch themselves, OK?

Donut Dog


10. “So Linda…I think it’s time to discuss your life’s choices…Starting with my hair cut.”

Dog Haircut


11. “You think this is funny, bitch?”

Dog Costume


12. “What are we doing here, Glen?”

Dog Couch


13. This dog just wanted to let people know what’s up.

Dog Statue

Sign reads: I decapitated the Patron Saint of Animals- Dexter.


14. “I’m an independent Woman.”

Dog Independent


15. “Sleeping also burns calories, Kyle.”

Dog Exercise


16. This dog who understands your Monday struggle.

Dog Chair


17. “How does no sound?”

Dog Flower

18. “I can still see you, Carol. Take the god damn blanket off your head.”

Dog Unenthused



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